My name is Coerte Voorhees. I am a curious, hard working and creative thinker with a passion for innovative problem solving.

My work is very user-centered and always begins with a thorough understanding of my subject matter. I have a healthy respect and admiration for nature, which is where I pull much of my inspiration. I enjoy designing with algorithms and geometry, which enables a very unique and organic style of form giving.

I use a wide range of media to communicate my thoughts, and am competent in 2D and 3D visualization, as well as animation. I am also very active in experimenting with emerging rapid prototyping tools, as to foster innovation and creativity in production. There is an unprecedented level of resolution and speed as a result of modern tool applications, making it a very exciting time to be a designer.

My design studies led me to Berlin, Germany, where I have been living and working since 2013. My time in Berlin has completely changed my outlook on design and life in general. I have had the privilege of studying under, in both educational and professional settings, some extremely talented designers. Collectively, they have imparted me with the tools that I use to be a successful and innovative presence in the modern design world.

I hold a Masters degree in product design from Kunsthochschule Berlin Wei├čensee and a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology. I am currently engaged as a freelance designer. Please feel free to get in touch, if you'd like to work together.